What is the Blue Ocean Foundation?

  • Colorado-based, charitable, nonprofit organization.

  • A 501(c)(3) entity that is the charitable arm of Blue Ocean Enterprises.

  • A private foundation that exists to be a catalyst in our community through impactful giving that supports economic growth.

  • Funded by a single entity: Blue Ocean Enterprises.

How will Blue Ocean Foundation evaluate the grant applications?

  • Blue Ocean Foundation will give preference to applications that support our mission.

  • We have a Grant Review Committee that evaluates each submission based on the appropriate grant cycle.

Why did Blue Ocean Enterprises start a foundation?

  • To provide economic and philanthropic resources to support, elevate and grow the communities we serve.

  • To support the mission of Blue Ocean Enterprises through philanthropy.

What is the mission of the Blue Ocean Foundation?

  • We Give to Grow. 

  • We exist to be a catalyst in our community through impactful giving that supports economic growth.

  • We support other community organizations that are equally invested in furthering economic growth.

  • We focus on building stronger communities in Fort Collins, Weld and Larimer counties, and the British Virgin Islands.

  • Our resources and efforts are dedicated to building strong communities through economic development and philanthropic efforts.

What is the difference between Blue Ocean Enterprises and Blue Ocean Foundation?

  • Blue Ocean Enterprises is a for-profit, private Fort Collins-based business that is committed to strengthening the growth and vitality of our local community through real estate investments, job creation and fostering entrepreneurial sprit.

  • Blue Ocean Foundation is the non-profit, charitable arm of Blue Ocean Enterprises, which is the primary funder of the Foundation. Its mission of being a community catalyst through impactful giving complements Blue Ocean Enterprises’ focus areas. 


Does the Blue Ocean Foundation have a geographic focus for charitable giving?

  • Larimer and Weld counties.

  • British Virgin Islands.

What types of organizations does the Blue Ocean Foundation support?

  • We support other 501(c)(3) organizations (public charities) that promote entrepreneurship and economic development in the communities where Blue Ocean Enterprises operates. This does not include individuals or for-profit companies.

  • Blue Ocean Foundation cannot, under IRS rules, influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities or participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.

Why does the Blue Ocean Foundation give only to 501(c)(3) organizations?

  • As a private foundation with tax-exempt status, Blue Ocean Foundation can only support organizations qualified as public charities under IRS Code 501(c)(3).

Does the Blue Ocean Foundation have a paid staff?

  • The Foundation is staffed entirely by volunteers. 

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